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"As an investor, knowing what other investors are having success with is key. Seeing before and after pictures, and hold times of flips helps me to know what kind of renovations I need to do on my projects to make money." - Minuen May

"Privy showed me what I could see nowhere else: the hold time on the property was most likely going to exceed my plans and destroy my profitability! Comparable investor/retail properties nearby were sitting on the market for nearly a year before selling! Thank you saved the day!" - John Dewy

"I can look at 175 properties in roughly, 15 minutes with privy™. The proof of profit in the spread reduces risk for everyone involved — and that’s how privy™ enables me to get deals done quicker." - Patti Rhodes

"The investor comps allow me to check out other flips, and see what’s working in the neighborhood. I can get a valuation within 30 seconds of looking at the page, instead of ten or fifteen minutes it takes to draw a radius and put your specs in there for comps. - Craig Renz

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